Healthy Food-Fun-Fitness Fest
September 13, 2003

On August 25, 2001 more than a dozen community organizations and nearly 100 volunteers pulled together to create the first Healthy Food-Fun-Fitness Fest for over 200 participants in Winton Hills. Now in 2003 we will build upon that success to offer food, fun and fitness in the following ways:

Fitness/Wellness Demonstrations:                           Healthy Food
Tai Chi (above)  &
Aerobics (at right)
with different  Aerobic
presentations for adults children, and seniors
Reiki & Yoga
(not shown)
Great tasting food samples & the recipes for cooking them
Booths included in 2002 Healthy Food - Fun - Fitness Fest:
CHIP                                                                              Tri-Health Parish Nurses
Jesuit Doctor                                                                Tri-Health, "Think First"
Mercy Connections Nutritionist                                   University Hospital Burn Unit
Winton Hills Clinic Nurses                                           Senior Link
Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati


Program for 2003 Healthy Food, Fun, & Fitness Fest
Health Information and Screening                  Educational Games for Kids
Games for Kids
Four Kids Games/Nutrition Council
of Greater Cincinnati (2-6pm)

Games (6-8pm)

Health lnformation/Services
Winton Hills Medical Center will have information on Asthma.

Ask the Nurse, Tri-Health Nurses

Breast Cancer info, and Models, presented by
Tri-Health Outpatient Cancer Care

Prostate info, and PSA Testing,
Tri-Health Select Study Cord.

Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screening &
Diabetes Education / Amer. Diabetes Assoc.

Aids Literature & Info. By Aids Volunteers of Cincinnati

Holistic Medicine Information by Brenda Miller

Depression Screening, Anger Management,
Mental Health Info.

Mental Health Assoc. of Northern Kentucky.

Arthritis and Lupus Inform. Arthritis Foundation

Burn Unit Information by University CCU workers.

Head Neck Injury Prevention Program for Youth,
By Tn-Health: Think First Safety Program Dept. of Neurology

Lupus Information by Support Group

Healthy Moms & Babes, Information on services

Other Info
JOBS, by Regina Chenault & Angie Storms

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
Voter Registration / Board of Elections Voting Van

State Farm Ins. 911 Simulator throughout the day.
Healthy Food Samples
Creole Chicken, Oven Fried Chicken, Greens,
Cornbread, Peach Cobbler, and much more!

Recipes available

Mercy Connections Nutritionist, Annette Bell

Raffle Prizes
To be eligible for raffle prizes, Passport needs to be stamped by at least 15 presenters before you are eligible for the drawing for Prizes at 4:30 P.M.

Prizes for Kids
"Lunch Totes" Reusable Lunch Bags
Coloring Books, Stickers, Pencils
Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Certificates
Johnny's Toys Gift Certificates

Prizes for Adults
George Foreman Grill
Kitchen Selectives, "Grill-mate" indoor grill
Yoga CD's
Julia Michels' Bath and Moisturizing Kit
Frisch's Gifts Certificates
White Castle Gift Certificates

Key Chains/Cora Allen,

Honey for sale, Fr. George

Face Painting by Fr. Hasse

Wellness Activities
Healing Touch and Reiki.

Tai Chi Demonstration

Body Rockers (Aerobics and Pilates)
Low Impact Aerobics

Door Prizes
Jergens Lotion
Old Spice

2003 Healthy Food Fun & Fitness was a huge success.  Three pictures are below